Custom Electric Tricycle Batteries

Lead acid batteries widely use in different scenarios, they may had a good run, but are not able to hold the performance within two years. Lithium batteries as a perfect replacement option obtains various advantages, long life span is one of the most important features.    

Which batteries are suitable for electric tricycles!

There are several types of batteries. The first one, of course, must be a lead acid battery because it has over 150 years of history.

A three wheeler battery is specially designed for regular three-wheelers or auto rickshaw applications. There are different types of three wheeler batteries and they include:

● Lead-acid batteries

● Lithium iron Phosphate batteries

It is the first type of rechargeable battery ever created. Its ability to supply high surge currents means that the cells have a relatively large power-to-weight ratio. These features, along with their low cost, make them attractive for use in motor vehicles to provide the high current required by starter motors.

The second type is a lithium battery or lithium-ion battery. It’s also a type of rechargeable battery. Lithium-ion batteries are commonly used for portable electronics and electric vehicles, for example, electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, and electric scooters.

Li-ion batteries use an intercalated lithium compound as the material at the positive electrode and typically graphite at the negative electrode. Usually, there are three main types of Li-ion batteries: NCA (Triple elements Ni, Co, Al), NCM (Triple elements Ni, Co, Mn), and LiFePO4 (Lithium iron phosphate).

While charging, the opposite reaction occurs, and electrons are flowing from the positive electrode to the negative.  

For lead-acid, similar reactions occur, but in this instance, it is the acid electrolyte (H2SO4) that

participates in the reaction with 2H+(aqueous protons).

See what specific customers have to say.

We received an inquiry related to the lithium batteries for E-tricycle dumper trunk, the customer owns a fleet of electric trucks on his farm, he wants to replace truck’s lead acid batteries with lithium batteries, details of the trucks are as follows:

Motor: Tri-phase BL 72 V 6kw motor

Electronics: 72V 6000W controller

Original batteries: 6 x 12 V 200 Ah AGM batteries

The total space for the complete battery pack is:

max length = 70 cm

max width = 47 cm

max height = 40 cm

After reviewed above parameters, we designed the battery pack with the dimension of 300*460*680mm, which is perfectly matches customer’s requirement, the discharge current is 100A, the cables are standard 500mm long and with 120A Anderson plug. The battery pack also built with active equalizer to allow each battery cell to perform excellent and extend its life span in the long run. 

lithium batteries are different from other batteries in that they have a higher energy density, making them perfect for Electric Vehicles such as Electric three-wheelers and motorcycles. They have longer cycle life than ordinary batteries. Additionally, they are the lightest type of lithium battery available. Generally speaking, the larger the capacity of the battery, the larger the volume and the heavier the weight. The volume of a 100ah battery is much larger than that of a 6ah battery.

How to choose a powerful three wheeler battery

Power is one of the most important considerations when picking a three wheeler battery. Together with temperature, humidity, and general makeup of a battery, power determines the durability of a battery. Ensure that the battery you choose fits the battery compartment as well as its compatibility. It is essential to know about the following three items that determine the power of a battery:

● Capacity

● Peak Power

● Continuous power

Customer indicated that on their dump truck (72V) they have a hydraulic pump for the self-unloading tray. They have discovered the hydraulic pump works with a 48V x 21 A motor, which means the pump need to seize a lower voltage from the battery, the solution is add a DC converter between the battery and the pump, so that it can drop the voltage from 72V to 48V.

The sample battery ran perfectly on customer’s dump truck, and he changed all AGM batteries on his fleet with our LiFePO4 batteries now.

Here are the top 3 differences between the two battery chemistries:


The lead acid battery is popular cost-effective battery chemistry, available in large quantities with little worries relating to the security of the supply and in a variety of off-the-shelf pack sizes.

Just as its name implies, lead-acid battery is made with lead and the raw material is easy to access consequently the material may not be in shortage. However, when you start looking at the price in terms of the power or range, lithium-ion technology can often be a more favorable option. 

Energy density

Comparing the two chemistries side-by-side, lithium-ion achieves an energy density of 90-220+ Wh/KG versus 50-90Wh/KG for lead acid batteries. Most lithium-ion batteries are 95 percent efficient or more, meaning that 95 percent of the energy of other batteries. Battery lifespan plays a crucial role in their overall efficiency, as they degrade over time.

The numbers vary from study to study, but lithium-ion batteries generally last for several times the number of cycles as lead acid batteries, leading to a longer effective lifespan for lithium-ion products.


Three wheeler batteries are rising in popularity globally due to the increase in two and three-wheelers.

Lithium iron phosphate to their low maintenance, long cycle of life, and enhanced safety features.Furthermore, the global effort to go green to reduce pollution has increased the use of three-wheelers and lithium ion batteries. While three-wheelers are dominant in Asian and Middle Eastern countries, there are gaining popularity in other markets such as Africa. This will increase demand for three-wheeler batteries. Contact verified three wheeler battery odm lithium ion battery pack manufacturer for questions relating to their use.